Going Backwards?

I really like my new job.  I am a business analyst at a local consulting firm.  I am extremely happy to do what I love.  I like being a project manager, but I needed a break.  I do notice that I am being leaned on for project planning and status reporting o__O.  Well, I guess it keeps my skills sharp.

My commute is fifteen minutes.  There is a gym, cafeteria, on-site car detailing, and Starbucks at the client site.  I think that I may get spoiled.  :)

I go home with NOTHING on my mind.  I have time to "do me".  I love it.

I did worry about the perception about "going backwards".  If I am working 50 hour weeks and holidays, how am I going backwards?  If I work those same hours as a consultant, I will do VERY WELL.  Of course, I am on a straight forty hour a week project.  NO overtime.

I have time to enjoy the things I love.  I did a couple of springish arrangements, and redid my bedroom.


Netflix Musings

I watched all of the episodes of Orange is the New Black.  I loved every second.

It is much different from the book, but every one of the characters is how I imagined.  The relationships are as I imagined.

My emotions were all over the place.  I was mad at Mendez and the broth.  Like MAD MAD.  I cried when Taystee left and her storyline after that.  And cheered at the Piper/Pennsatucky drama.  Bout damn time!

I can't wait for the next season.

Oh yeah.  I really like Netflix.  I think that I will keep it.  Last night we watched "Safe Haven".  I am watching "Blackfish" now.  I am definitely going to watch "House of Cards". 


The "Not A Spring Chicken" Revelation

There is a serious sense of achievement for a clean house.  I truly believe that a clean house = clean mind.  I'm just not a person that can have peace chilling in a disorganized house.  #noshade if you can, but that's not me.

I was determined.  I had a hair appointment this afternoon.  I was hell-bent on cleaning all day so that I didn't have to do anything once I got my hair straightened.  I cleaned from sunup to sundown.  I cleaned baseboards, washed wood with Murphy's Oil Soap, cleaned glass, and cleaned window sills.  I dusted.  I vacuumed.  I did laundry.

I cleaned my closet and dresser.  I took a bunch of stuff to the Goodwill.

I. cleaned. my. dishwasher (using vinegar, of course) and ran a disposal packet.

I vacuumed my car.  I usually take it to "a do-it-for-me place", but I wanted to make sure that I got in every single crevice.

I even had time to make a floral arrangement (?)...

Then there was this hour (or two) where I had a serious full-out crying fit.  I couldn't find my Invisalign retainers.  The last time I remembered wearing it was on Saturday when Mom and I went to Houston's for lunch.  I called my dentist.  I was quoted $475 to replace my retainers.

What?  WHAT?  $475?   I started bawling.  Let me just say this...No retainer is not an option.  I knew that I had to replace it and give up something.  I'm going to Vegas this summer and I am sure that it would take away from my shopping/eating budget.

I called every single location in Atlanta to see if anyone turned in a retainer (gross).  I called my mother.  I called my sister.  I dumped my purse.  Looked in the trunk of the car (?).  Checked my center console.  No dice.  So, when stressed, I cry it out.

I decided to look in my bag (again)...

Vera Bradley Grand Traveler

I found it.  It was lodged in one of the bag's MANY pockets.  I found my retainer, an unopened Twix bar (score!),  a deluxe sample of Tory Burch cologne (my new favorite), and a lipstick.

Thank goodness.

Where was I?  Well, I spent all day cleaning and organizing.  Must have been stressed because I got a nosebleed.  But I soldiered through it.  I took it like a G.  I was operating on pure adrenaline.

This morning, I woke up to a very clean house.  I was so pleased.  I hopped out of the bed and yelped.  It appears that my entire body locked up overnight.  My back.  My legs.  My feet (srsly?).  I crawled to the kitchen and got an Advil and took my old behind back to bed.


I'm Back

We're back.

We went to Atlanta.  I went for clothing.  I bought absolutely NOTHING.  *blinks*  We went to Lenox Mall and I was just completely overwhelmed.  Too many people.  Too many stores.  Too many levels.  I didn't get a chance to go to Phipps Plaza (which is my favorite).

On the drive there and back, we listened to Orange Is The New Black.  We loved every single second of it.  I decided that I was going to break my Netflix ban.  I subscribed to the streaming service.  I can't wait to watch!

I'm home for the next few days.  Right now I am in the middle of a serious cleaning and decluttering job.   I'm going one step further than surface.  I am dusting, cleaning window sills, baseboards...Of course, I used my favorite cleaning solution - Water and Vinegar

The kitchen and dining room are clean.  I'm working on the living room right now.



Hello folks!

Baby Foot results.  Yeah.  You need to go on and buy you a few packets of Baby Foot.  I am very pleased with the results.  My feet are not rid of all of that hard to exfoliate skin.  They really are soft as a baby's foot.  I think it is the perfect start to summer sandal season.

What else?  What else?

I have a new job!!!!!   I start in two weeks.  I am very excited about this job.  I interviewed with this company before and was bummed when I didn't get it.  The recruiter reached out to me and asked me to come in and talk with them again.

The biggest task is trying to figure out what I am going to do about clothing.  I have to dress professional.  I have quite a few suits, skirts, slacks and cardigans.  But I am lacking in the shirts and shoes area.  To remedy this, mom and I are going on a shopping trip!  Yay!

So, tomorrow is my last day at my job.  WHY haven't I transitioned my work to someone else?  I find that odd.

Anywho, no skin off my back.  They have approximately 15 hours until the last of me.  They better make it count.


Day 7 - A Reveal?

I would have thought that my feet would have been ready for primetime by now.  You know...My feet are fine.  I take care of my feet.

They aren't.


Seriously, this blog has hit a low point.  I'm about to show my husky feet.  LOL

Not really show the whole foot, but if you want to see how the peeling looks, you should click here.

I cannot believe that I am showing my big ol' flaky biscuit.  But at least I am taking care of it, right?  What are you going to do with yours?  *raised brow*

I am definitely going to keep doing peels on my feet.  But I think that in a couple of months, I will try to make my own peel.  I'm also thinking of other areas that could benefit from a peeling.  I'm thinking my elbows are next.

Last Friday night was a quite a night.  I had perm rods in my hair, a dental tray in my mouth (I'm bleaching my teeth), my feet in the Baby Foot booties and Downton Abbey on the television.  #That'sWhyI'mSingle I did think about pulling out my Bliss Waxing kit, but decided that was too much preventative spring fixing at one time.

Next week, I promise to blog about something else.  LOL


Day 5 - Holy Schmoly

My feet are just one big, patchy mess.

Whew.  But I can already tell that they are going to be FABULOUS!


Day 4 - Peeling


It is only in between my toes and around my toes.  It feels so weird.

Tonight I am doing a marathon foot soaking session.  I am going to soak for two hours.

Don't worry.  I am not going to post any photos.

My next step?  I am going to get a pedicure next week.


Daily 3 - Still Waiting

I am still waiting on my feet to peel.  It is weird.  I am getting tickling sensations on my feet.  So much that I took my shoes and socks out to peek.  No dice.

I did have a moment of depression.  I looked at the cracked mess that is my feet after the Baby Foot peel.  I thought, "What if my feet stay like this?!?!?"  Then I got depressed.  lol

I have been soaking my feet daily.  I hope that today is the day.  If not, I am going to make it the day.  I'm soaking these bad boys for an hour.  I'm anxious to see what will come off my feet (weird!)

Yeah.  I wouldn't come back either.  LOL


Baby Foot...

Sandal season is approaching.  Since I love playing around with stuff, I bought a Baby Foot kit from Amazon.

What's Baby Foot?  It is a foot peel.  Warning - The pictures may appear gross -http://www.babyfootusa.com.

I'm curious to see what comes off my feet!!!!  If I have a bunch of skin, the. I definitely think it is worth it.

So, I did the peel on Friday night.  I think I will start peeling tomorrow. 

I'll be back to discuss it.  Lol



I just sat down and thought about this.

I went to Target FOUR TIMES this weekend.

In what world does that happen?

Trip #1 - I got up super early on Saturday morning to make a Target run to my second favorite Target.  It is the store that has loads of clearance items, not really crowded and very new.

Trip #2 - As I was leaving the store, my mother called and said that she wanted to go to Target.  So, we went to breakfast and then went to my FAVORITE store.

Trip #3 - The next morning, I got up to do a return.  I made the mistake of telling my mother about the $10 Target Gift card with $50 in home decor.

Trip #4 - I went back with my mother.

Here's how I got to that point.

I'm ready for spring.  The house needs to be spring-a-fied!  For some reason, I am very into getting something "yellow".

I'll try to take photos of my purchases in action.


ARGH!!! Stop Me!!!!

This is my favorite time of the year!!!  Graduation and Prom Season.

There is a young lady (my BFs niece) that I am VERY fond of.  LOL  Well, yesterday, I talked about the young man that always shovels my snow.  Guess what?  Well, that's her prom date!  squeeee!  It isn't a love connection, but I just like the two of them sooo much.  So, I am all up in it (from the sidelines).  LOL

Then I started working on her graduation gift.  True to my form, I am going to buy sale items from my favorite stores for dorm supplies - Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Teen.  The color theme is black, white and red.

Again...Everything MUST BE monogrammed.  I have a monogramming hookup ;).  The plan is to get either her name or initials monogrammed in Cardinal Red.  Here's what I have so far:

A shower caddy...I am not sure which one, so I bought both so that I can look and touch.  The beauty bin looks HUGE...Massive.  You can see it in the second picture below.

Shower Caddy
Beauty Bin  

Towels and pillow cases...

Damask Towels
Pearl Embroidered Pillow Cases - Black

I also bought more towels...

I think that I will finish it off with a few pairs of the Old Navy Flip Flops, soap/toothbrush holders, and perhaps a fun shower cap.

Is it snowing in your neck of the woods?  I'm stuck at my mom's house.  I really would like to be home.  *sigh*



Sneak Peek!

Today Is The Day

Today is the start of the creation of the exercise room.  Finally!

The painter is at the house.  I went with a yellow.  A pretty yellow that will give me energy and inspire me to sweat!

I also purchased a cabinet to house my videos and random exercise accouterments.

I bought two mirrors for the wall....You know for checking out form when you are doing your arm curls and such.

The only thing that I need are curtains.  I haven't decided if I am going to sew them or buy them.  :)



Valentine's Gift? Check!

Yay!  I bought cupcakes!  I cannot wait to have a bite of the tuxedo with a scoop of ice cream.  Yummy!



After SIX MONTHS of putting it off.
After TWO MONTHS of reading items at arm's length.
After ONE and a half MONTHS of cursing the iPad Mini Retina display and thinking that there was a flaw with the "retina display" and threatening to get an iPad Air.
After TWO weeks of cleaning my glasses with a microfiber towel, putting them back on and throwing them across the room...
After ONE week of contemplating vision correction and ultimately wimping out.  

I broke down and purchased readers.

I could have gone to Walgreens.  Yet, I ended up at Nordstrom.   If I am going to wear them, I may as well be somewhat jazzy...RIGHT?  I got the 1.0 strength.  They were so cute, I got two pairs.  One is tortoise and pink.  The other is just a lighter shade of tortoise.


*pours liquor for my youth*

I am not even ready for bi-focals and progressive lenses and tri-focals and all of that.  So, I will continue down my single vision path until I'm Mr. Magoo.

Oh yeah.  I vow that I will not wear them around my neck.  I will carry them in my purse or in the case.


Random Thoughts...

I am down 19 pounds since May.  Yay!
I decided to have a treat meal (i.e. eat the way I used to eat) and I am absolutely sick.  I'm talking heaving and everything.  Gross.
After this horrible, horrible winter weather.  On June 21, my friends and I are supposed to do a celebration of summer.  Freakum dress?
Here's hoping that all of the allergens and mosquitoes are killed off after the multiple rounds of "Polar Vortex".
I am the only person in the world that celebrates after not getting a job offer.  LOL  #worklifebalance #ughattheleadership
I am in steady state on the home gym project.  I put paint swatches up and I hate everything.
I really like my elliptical.  Best decision ever!!!
I think that I am going to go home....


Workout Room Inspirations

I am still working on the workout room.  There are three rooms that inspire me:

Retro fitness posters.  Simple

Wall color.  Metallic details!

Wall Color - Wainscoting

I am going to buy paint samples today.

I am definitely repurposing furniture from another room. I have a really nice folding bookcase that I will bring in for DVD storage, as a place to hold my Roku, hold books and mats.


New Clothes

My work wardrobe has devolved into a cotton slacks, knit tops, and flats kinda foolishness.  I do try to be cute and get them from Ann Taylor, but still.

I work in a very casual work environment.  You can wear jeans.  Yes.  That's right.  JEANS!  As a result, I am more lax in my attire and just my overall work look.

It is appalling.

I have got to do better if I want better things.  I also really want a new winter coat.  There is navy blue one that I saw at Talbots with a fur collar.  I'll be giving y'all faux fur realness in that bad boy.  Nobody is ready for that one.

I'll have to share some of the things that I purchased or found in the deep recesses of my closets.



Whew!  I am at work today.  I was about to go ca-razy.  I don't like to be stuck in the house.

In case you didn't know, we got hit by the Polar Vortex.  What does that mean?  Well, we got 10+ inches of snow along with severe sub-zero temperatures.

Snow?  I can handle that.
Sub-Zero temperatures?  I can handle that.
I can't handle them at the same time.  

It was a mess.  Cars stuck.  The last thing you want it to be stuck in sub-zero temperatures.  That's "losing a limb" weather.  I went outside to drag the trash can to the edge of the driveway.  My nostrils were burning.  That's how cold it was!

I also had to dig myself out and dig a place for my dog to do his thang.  I do have a snow blower, but I didn't want to get out there and blow snow.  Thank goodness for enterprising young men, because they took care of it.  I even gave them a treat and offered hot chocolate.  I'm glad that they didn't take me up on the Hot Chocolate though...I didn't have any Swiss Miss and I would have had to use my hoity-toity gourmet blend.  Teenagers don't appreciate that.

The worst part was my poor doggy.  It was too cold for him.  He didn't know how to handle all of that snow.  He couldn't figure out where he needed to "go."  He would come in and shiver for five minutes.  Poor little lamb.  So, I came up with the bright idea to purchase boots for him.  It took me and my mother five minutes to put them on him.  It took him five seconds to take them off.  I put him down and blinked.  When I opened my eyes they were off!

I guess he wants no parts of my foolishness.

Fortunately, I didn't have to drive into work.  I was able to work from home.  I also got to watch a full day's worth of Lifetime Movies!  I pretty much cooked all day.  I also cleaned.  It was so nice.

I love snow days!



The elliptical is here.

It. is. BIG.



Kinda jacks up my entire workout room flow.

But it is here and it works.

Fun times.