What's Next?

What's next?!?!  Here are a few hints....

I am going to put together the world's smallest home gym.  LOL  Currently I work out in an unfinished basement.  It does NOTHING to inspire me to workout.  

I have an room turned into an unstructured closet.  OK.  Let's call it what it is.  A junk room.   I also try to do any videos in that room.  But to be honest there is so much stuff that I don't really use it.  Well, that changes.  This morning I started clearing the room out, measuring, and strategizing how I am going to make it work.

I can't be overly ambitious on this because I pretty much blew my budget on the elliptical.  The bare essentials...I did a tax estimator and decided to spend a portion of my tax refund (that I haven't received - LOL) on an elliptical machine.  Yes dolls, I purchased a Sole E25 Elliptical machine.  Don't get too excited.  You know that I didn't pay that for it.  LOL  

Hint - Hie thee to the closest Sears Outlet with a coupon in hand and use your American Express card for the extended warranty.  It was the best option for me because I don't want to put anything together AND I always watch the bottom line.

Anyhoo, I own all of the other stuff - BOSU, band thing-a-ma-jigs, mats, hand weights.

I have a 32 inch flat screen in that room.  I want to hang it on the wall.  But I am not sure how to mount the brackets and what not.

I also think that I am going to make/hang a large bulletin board to hold a calendar, inspiration photos, playlists and what not.

I am going to paint.  Right now it is a lovely shade of flesh colored bandage.  I think that a nice spearmint or a vanilla-y white would be fabulous.

In a perfect world, I would have a large leaning mirror.  But the world isn't perfect, so I will repurpose a small mirror for form and what not.

All of this will occur over the next three weeks.


Danielle L. Green said...

A nice spearmint would be soothing.

Michelle (Mick-Mick) said...

Danielle, I have a gallon of paint in my basement. Why am I going to use that? lol