Daily 3 - Still Waiting

I am still waiting on my feet to peel.  It is weird.  I am getting tickling sensations on my feet.  So much that I took my shoes and socks out to peek.  No dice.

I did have a moment of depression.  I looked at the cracked mess that is my feet after the Baby Foot peel.  I thought, "What if my feet stay like this?!?!?"  Then I got depressed.  lol

I have been soaking my feet daily.  I hope that today is the day.  If not, I am going to make it the day.  I'm soaking these bad boys for an hour.  I'm anxious to see what will come off my feet (weird!)

Yeah.  I wouldn't come back either.  LOL

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Danielle L. Green said...

I looked at that Baby Feet stuff but I wasn't sure I wanted strips of skin falling off my feet, lol.