Natural Hair Thoughts

I didn't talk about this.  But I recently got about 2-3 inches of hair cut off.  I was armpit length.  Now my hair is shoulder length.

Why?  Lack of care.  I flat ironed my hair during my job search.  Completely damaged my hair.  Then the dry winter weather wrecked havoc.

So I got it cut. It will grow back.  See I am smiling.

Then the wash n gos are awful because of heat damage.  I had straight pieces in the crown!   So, now I am roller setting on big perm rods.  Turned out very cute.  The ladies in the cafeteria loved it.  So that's my summer style.

I had a point to all of this.  Oh yeah.  At the start of my natural hair journey, I watched a bunch of YouTube videos, read forums, bought products, and what not.  Now I don't do anything.  I use products with silicone and other cones.  The cheaper the product the better.  Butters don't work for me.  My twist outs are fierce when I use olive oil.  Roller sets are good with lotta body.  Clarifying?  What's that?  It completely dries my hair out. Condition wash?  Child cheese.  I have to use shampoo on this head.

I am going to focus on not using heat and doing perm rod sets over the summer.  Let's see what happens in six months?  Arm pit length?  HEALTHY arm pit length!

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Danielle L. Green said...

You know its always about what works best for your hair.

My hair hates butters and co-washing. Most of the products YT gurus recommend don't work in my hair so I just go for what I know.

I like your new do. Nothing wrong with a chop. Sometimes it breathes new life into your hair.